Medical Emergency Service for Tourists

Umade Urgencias through its division of attention to the tourism of Bilbao collaborates with all the hotels giving a preferential treatment to the tourist, that for being outside his city needs a special attention. We are the Emergency Service at home of reference for the BIT (Bilbao Tourist Initiatives)

What is an Urgency

A medical emergency is a situation that, either because of a sudden onset of illness or a sudden aggravation of an already diagnosed disease, requires medical attention in a period of less than 6 hours..

Difference between urgency and emergency:

An emergency is a critical situation of evident danger to the life of the patient and that requires an IMMEDIATE ACTION.

How the emergency service for tourists Works

Using the emergency service at home is very simple.
(See coverage areas)


Call by phone

Use the telephone 902 20 21 24


Phone service

Tell us the urgency to deal with, at that moment we will give you directions on how to act until we reach the address you indicate.
We will inform you of the price of the service.


Medical care at home

A doctor will move to the patient’s home or hotel establishing the diagnostic impression and the appropriate treatment or transfer to clinic if necessary.



The next day we will call you to check the evolution of your health status.

How to receive the Urgency service to the tourist

Home health care can be requested by any person who needs it, within our coverage areas, through different ways:


Tourists in transit, through the Emergency telephone number of Umade:
(you will be informed in the call of the price of the service)


Qualified doctors

Our doctors have a proven qualification and experience.



We believe in the human link between doctor and patient.


Emergency 24/7

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Emergency coverage for the Umade tourist

Our care coverage is developed in 4 geographical areas named: Bilbao Area, Right Bank Area, Txorrierri Area and Llodio Area

Bilbao Area
  • Bilbao
  • Basauri
  • Etxebarri
  • Galdakao
Right Bank Area
  • Astrabudua
  • Lamiako
  • Erandio
  • Las Arenas
  • Algorta
  • Neguri
  • Berango
  • Larrabasterra
  • Sopelana
  • Lejona
  • Asúa
Txorierri Area
  • Munguia
  • Larrauri
  • Derio
  • Zamudio
  • Lezama
  • Larrabezua
  • Gatika
  • Gamiz-Fika
  • Fruniz
  • Laukiniz
  • Loiu
  • Sondika
  • Laukariz
Llodio Area
  • Llodio
  • Amurrio
  • Orozko
  • Arrankudiaga
  • Arrigorriaga
  • Zeberio
  • Miravalles


Agreements with international insurance companies

Umade has agreements with the IMQ (Igualatorio Médico Quirúrgico) of Bilbao and with the main international insurance companies.

  • Assist Card
  • Asmed Medical
  • Bizi Kalitatea
  • Europe Assistance
  • MRI – Medical Response Intern.
  • Medical Care South
  • Molink Assistance
  • Serviall Assistance
Umade servicios médicos

Taking care of you is our misión